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School will be opened this 2 January 2013..
okay..i'm a bit happy + sad..
because yeah usually students hate school..
i'm happy because i can meet my besties..
but still,i'm gonna miss this holiday..
school never ends.. :'(
2013 will be the most challenging year for me (maybe)
because subject will be added as examples..
Chemistry,Physics,Biology and Add Maths..
fffuuuuuu... relax..everything is gonna be okay and fine..
i promise to myself and my parents that i will study harder next year and struggle the same as i did for PMR..i will study hard for SPM..
jyeaahh!! i will..


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i've got my result
and it turns beautifully
i got 8A's for PMR..
thanks to Allah,my parents,dear teachers and fellow friends
i'll do my best for every minute of my school's life for the sake of Allah and my parents


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kau serikanlah slip keputusan ku esok dengan A YA ALLAH..
aku sudah melakukan yang terbaik YA ALLAH..

I Hate Bad Dreams...

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Last night,i had a bad dream..
A dream about PMR's result..:(
and in the dream,i got 7A 1C..
and C for Bahasa Malaysia which i think a bit hard to get A..
and when i said about the dream to my mom..
she said,''i'm also think that you'll get 7A because you did not do very well in BM..
i was like...:(   :(
because a mother's instinct always true..
and for once only,i don't want this to be true..
YA ALLAH,please help me!!!


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PMR's result will be revealed this 19th December..
it freaks me out..
i hope i'll get 8A's..
but i don't want to be afraid to much..
i keep saying that i'll get what i want..
and i know,i have already did my best..

Salam Perkenalan

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